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Ben Line Agencies (Indonesia)
Company Info : Hamburg Süd is a future-driven company with a long tradition. Not just in relation to our successful business activity in marine transport, but also in respect of the responsibility associated with it – one we exercise gladly and conscientiously. We feel especially responsible for our staff. Equally, we have made it our principle to act responsibly towards our customers, partners and suppliers at all times. In this environment, openness, tolerance and respect enjoy the highest priority.
Address : Graha Paramita Building 12th Floor
Jalan Denpasar Raya Blok D-2, Kav.8, Kuningan
12940 Jakarta Indonesia
Telephone : +62 21 252 2110
Facsimile : +62 21 252 2112
Telex / Cable :
Email : jkt.hsdg.mktg@benline.co.id
Website : http://www.hamburgsud-line.com
Country : Germany
Services : Africa, Asia, Australia, NZ, Pacific Islands, Central America, Caribbean, Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, Pakistan, India, North America East Coast, North America West Coast, South America East Coast, South America West Coast, US Gulf, Mexico

Other Office : - Medan
Ben Line Agencies (PT Simba Logistik)
Gedung Bank Sumut level 8.
Jl. Karo No 18, Belawan
Phone: +62 61 694 4588
Fax:      +62 61 694 4588
E-mail: blw.hsdg.mktg@benline.co.id

- Semarang
Ben Line Agencies (PT Simba Logistik)
Jl. Puri Anjasmoro Blok L 11 No. 16, Semarang, Indonesia
Phone: +62 24 7663 1873
Fax:      +62 24 760 4611
E-mail: smg.hsdg.mktg@benline.co.id
- Surabaya
Ben Line Agencies
Medan Pemuda Building, 6th Floor JL. Pemuda No. 27-31 Surabaya Indonesia
Phone: +62 31 5481500
Fax:      +62 31 5480040
E-mail: sby.hsdg.mktg@benline.co.id
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