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PT. Pilindo Megah Selatan
Company Info : Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation (Yang Ming) was established on December 28, 1972.
At the middle of 2011, Yang Ming operates a fleet of 85 vessels with a 4.2-million-D.W.T / operating capacity 340 thousand TEUS, of which container ships are the mains service force.
Ever since its founding, Yang Ming has adopted and practiced this management philosophy: "Teamwork, Innovation, Honesty, and Pragmatism." In the meantime, getting breakthroughs and solving problems by concerted efforts, in line with the motto of "Punctual, Speedy, Reliable and Economical" service, have been the keys to our outstanding performance and efficiency. Yang Ming is one of the world's leading, experienced container transportation companies, thanks to incessant rejuvenation, its fleet is comparably young.

With ISO-9001, ISO-9002, ISO-14001, ISO-27001, ISM CODE, ISPS CODE , and OHSAS 18001 accreditations and being awarded with the ROC's 1996 National Quality Outstanding Case Award, we at Yang Ming have never ceased to maintain and improve our efficiency. All of us at Yang Ming are determined and committed to enhancing customer service, expanding our service scope and broadening our service locations even more through partnership alliances with many of the most prominent shipping companies globally such as K-Line of Japan, COSCO of Mainland China, and Hanjin of South Korea, etc. Furthermore, as a result of our long-term dedication to our customers, Yang Ming is continuously making it a top priority to provide high-quality "Punctual, Speedy, Reliable, and Economical" service to each or our customers across the world. With our modernized, systematized and efficient management, it comes as no surprise that Yang Ming's reliable services have been recognized by our confident and demanding customers across the globe.
We summarize Yang Ming's corporate culture as below:

Emphasis is placed on the spirit of teamwork: Through team cooperation, team learning, and strict quality control in each link, we strive to maximize the synergy of the entire Yang Ming Group.

Honesty is given the first priority: We endeavor to be honest in whatever we do and whoever we deal with. We require mutual respect, give care to society, and take delight in work.
Pragmatism is our attitude: We always put our feet on the earth, are practical and do our job immediately.

Innovation is encouraged: We use new thinking to strive for breakthroughs, transcend tradition, and attain perfection and professionalism.

Decisions are based on humanism: We acknowledge the value of everyone's work and provide our staff with a secure, healthy and discrimination-free environment.

Harmony is greatly valued: We cooperate externally and harmonize internally; share interests with society, and coexist with the environment.
Society is embraced: We supply valuable transportation in society and serve the society and all the people.

Address : Graha Atrium Building 9th Floor Suite 901
JI. Senen Raya 135 Jakarta Indonesia 10410
Telephone : (62-21)-3458660
Facsimile : (62-21)-3458628
Telex / Cable : -
Email : jkt_mgm@id.yangming.com
Website : www.yangming.com
Country : Taiwan
Services : North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europa, Oceania

Other Office : - BELAWAN
PT. Pilindo Megah Selatan
Jl. Kol. Sugiono No 3-C
Medan 20151 North Sumatra
Tel: (62-61) 4515599 / 4144090 / 4514876 / 4570563
Fax: (62-61) 4154461
Email: ymblw@nusa.net.id

PT. Pilindo Megah Selatan
Jl. Yos sudarso # 25A
Bandar Lampung 35244. Indonesia
Tel: (62-72)-1252563
Fax: -
Email: tas-pjn@indo.net.id
PT. Pilindo Megah Selatan
Wisma HSBC 4th floor suite 404
Jl. Gajah Mada No.135
Semarang - Indonesia
Tel: (62-24)-8454274/8454275
Fax: (62-24)-8454276
Email: ymlser@indosat.net.id
PT. Pilindo Megah Selatan
JI. Perak Timur 536
Surabaya, Indonesia
Tel: (62-31)-329 2777
Fax: (62-31)-329 4777
Email: sub_cs@id.yangming.com
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